Friends, Romans, countrymen ...

At Speakola we love speeches. We also noticed that apart from meandering, sometimes frustrating strolls around Youtube, it's difficult to find lots of great speeches all in the one place.

You may wish to visit Speakola to savour the brilliance of Winston Churchill or Martin Luther King.

You may wish to visit Speakola for help writing your best man speech, or twenty-first speech, or graduation speech, or eulogy.

Watch the greats, both famous and not-so-famous, and apply their brilliance to your own speech writing and delivery.

We also hope that Speakola can become a place for people to celebrate an event, after it happens. Maybe some friends couldn't make the birthday or the memorial service? Maybe you want to link the centerpiece speech in a thank you email?

Submit the speeches from the night, and have them online for other speech lovers to enjoy and share.

The best way to get a great speech in your daily feed is to follow us on Twitter or like our facebook page. There are no revenues generated by the project. Sharing and tweeting speeches and spreading the Speakola word is the best way to show support. There is also a newsletter you can sign up to on the homepage.

For all speeches, great and small.

Speakola is a project originated and curated by Melbourne author Tony Wilson. Tony is a public speaker himself and has spoken to schools and corporates about the art of great speechmaking.


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