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The Speakolies are the preeminent global public speaking awards for speeches given in a calendar year. This is a shame, as there is only one judge, Speakola founder Tony Wilson, who by his own admission, 'kinda goes by feel'. The winners will be announced 30th December 2016.

Best political speech

And the winner is ... Michelle Obama, Democratic National Convention.

Best eulogy - celebrity

And the winner is ... Billy Crystal's eulogy for Muhammad Ali

Best eulogy -  family & friends

And the winner is ... Mark Baker's eulogy for Kerryn Baker

Best commencement or graduation

And the winner is ... Ken Burns, Stanford University

Best issue /debate speech

And the winner is ... Emily Doe , victim statement, Brock Turner trial

Best wedding speech

Best arts / culture speech

And the winner is ... Hannah Gadsby for Zoe Coombs-Marr and Rhys Nicholson

Best music speech

And the winner is ... T-Bone Burnett, Americana Music Festival

Best sport speech

Best storytelling speech

Best birthday speech

Gold Speakolie for most viewed 2016 speech of the year

Silver Speakolie for most viewed speech of 2016 (from archive)

Bronze Speakolie for most viewed Australian speech of 2016

The most outstanding speech for 2016 is ...

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