Tom Hafey: "Nothin' more tigerish than a tiger", VFL Preliminary Final - 1975

20 September 1975, VFL Park, Waverley, Melbourne, Australia

We're not runnin' straight at the ball. That's the cruel part about, Tigers. Nothin' more Tigerish than a bloody TIiger, a wounded Tiger. Kevin, fair dinkum mate, you've got to put your boot into ball, you're too slow to do all this finessin'. Bloody back pock plumber, that's what I want.

You see the bloody straight, get your boot to the damn thing headin' towards goals. Same with Michael, same with Balmy, we've gotta get a lift from you players. Surely you can see this, everybody's gotta get a lift! Kevvy Morris, where you been? Get in now, come on, in the front of your man, you know he's gunna run like mad. But the biggest problem, fellas - across the
half forward line. David, I've given you a big job, a big job, centre half forward - but at the end of the day, at the end of that half, you were joggin' along, you were joggin as though you were waiting for the bloody bell to come along.

We've gotta remember that every time the ball comes to our area you've gotta fight like hell. Fight on your hands and knees, fight over for the mark, run over, and then when it does come to the ground, that's when Sheeds or Bruce Montieth ...

And I told you Johnny Rantall's a great mark, well you oughta know better than anybody right now, because every time the ball's come up he's marked over ya Bruce, fair dinkum. I can't remember you once tryin to knock the ball to the ground, cant remember you once doin' it.

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